About 1418

After 'Fugain "(2010), an album with challenging jazz/pop interpretations of the songs of the French singer/composer Michel Fugain, we thought the time was right for a new challenge: composing songs based on French poems.
So, we set up camp in the northern French countryside of the Argonne to write brand new material. There, on the battlefields of Verdun, where memories of "la Grande Guerre" are still vivid and tangible, 'The Great War' slipped into our new project. What started out as a collection of new songs based on French poems, gradually developed into a multilingual statement about the most important historical event of modern days.


herman van doorn  (+31) 6 53 272 773
herman onnen  (+31) 6 47 318 358
e-mail  hermanherman@live.nl


21 mei 2017  11.00 - 12.30  Museum Romagne (france)
   WW 1 poets weekend

Poetry of the First world war


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